Just finished listening to Why Not Me? by Al Franken. Made my commute much more enjoyable…man, it was damn funny. But a little spooky too as this is the book about Al Franken winning the 2000 election. You know the one W stole? And in this book many future hijinks ensue like president Franken decides he’s going to go assassinate Saddam Hussein himself…with a board… actually it’s a plaque that reads “World’s Greatest Grandad” (see, funny!). But still it’s creepy. And there is mention of the “Third Persian Gulf War”. I mean this guy was joking around but he’s right on target…what was boiling politically under the ground and has actually surfaced…maybe he joked about it because none of us ever thought it would happen. Anyway, totally funny stuff and I am really looking forward to “Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them” I hope to get that on tape too for the car because humor is the only thing that can save you when you’re stuck in traffic. Well, a cigarette maybe, but I don’t smoke. So much. Anymore. Not healthy.

I’m almost finished with Use What You’ve Got & Other Business Lessons I Learned from My Mom by Barbara Corcoran. Now we all know I am not in the business world but I read an interview with the author and excerpts from the book and it sounded really interesting and funny too. And it IS interesting and funny! And one can learn a lot from this book as a leader not just a businessperson. The first chapter, lesson #1, is “If you don’t have big breasts, put ribbons on your pigtails”. Well, in my case I avoid the pigtails but the point is to play up your good points and make yourself stand out from the others. And it’s actually one of the few non-fiction books I have read cover-to-cover in quite a while. Well, I plan to read it cover-to-cover – I am almost finished with it!


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