Thanks to April I’ve finally managed to log in properly so I can post. Really, I’m not computer illiterate – just having a few stupid days I guess. I’ve been on a non-fiction kick of late. Bill Bryson’s “A Short History of Nearly Everything” is amazing. He has a wonderful way of interspersing the scientific with the anecdotal. You’ll be reading about the accomplishments of Newton and bust out laughing because of some bit he adds in about the man’s seriously odd behavior, like the fact that he once stuck a needle in his eye to see what would happen. I listened to it on audio first but had to re-read it in print because I felt I was missing too much. The book is huge, over 500 pages, but I am a fan of a lot of Bryson’s writing so I thought it was well worth the time it takes. Next up, all the new YA stuff that just came in today.


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