I know this time of year is supposed to be about giving and not getting but I just opened my box of Librarian Action Figures (no one was going to give them to me but me) And yes, there is an “S” at the end because as anyone who’s anyone knows you have to keep one toy in the box and one to open…and because it fit in my budget I have an extra one which I think I will donate to my library. Anyway … I know most people got tired of hearing about the Librarian Action Figure but I thought it was pretty cool and I am glad to have one…ummm…2, well 3 right now… but I am a little disappointed with the mechanics of the thing (I have no strong opinion on her shushing or outfit, both are just fine with me) but sometimes the shushing looks more like nose picking and it is very difficult to make her own book stay in her hand. It’s not the kind of thing that amuses one for hours but amusing for minutes is still pretty darn good.

Want your own?

Or would you rather spend your money on a “Reading is Sexy” T … if you know me you know I want it all!

PS Allison, that is “Da man” to you…ha ha ha…get the joke!


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