Oh my gosh…I am not a Judy Blume fan! Is that terrible? When I was younger I read Blubber and Deenie …I had slight scoliosis so the thought of a brace terrified me … well of course until she got felt up and I was not thin even then in jr high so Blubber had me cringing all the way thru it… I also read Are You There God…but mostly read in awe that this girls were dying for their periods and I was hoping I would never get mine … was I some sort of defected teenager? But that’s just those three…I have vague memories of my third grade teacher reading one of the Fudge books…I’d like to see them make a great movie based on those.

I read way too much Stephen King as a teen and I listed Rebecca as my favorite book for some thing in my 8th grade English class (so did my friend Sue!) … I know, I was just not normal.

I know I’ll end up seeing the movie Deenie (I watch almost every book-movie adaptation) and as long as they don’t massacre it the way they (whoever they are) did with Tuck Everlasting then it’s all right by me!


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