Things I love about Al Capone Does My Shirts by Gennifer Choldenko:

-The story is original and interesting and will be appealing to both boys and girls.

-It’s about families that lived on Alcatraz…how cool is that?

-It’s funny but also touching at times…especially Moose’s relationship with his sister Natalie.

-There’s a photo/map of the island…cool!

-There is a very interesting author’s note at the end explaining how much of the story is based in truth … and it’s a lot! I found the note to be fascinating and I look forward to reading some of the books mentioned in her footnotes. It reminds me of the author’s note in Fever 1793 which I appreciated so much because ao many times with historical fiction you are left wondering about what really went on or what really could have happened during that time and place.

-I really liked the author’s first book Notes From a Liar and her Dog … this is an author to watch people!


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