I have not even heard of “Doing It”, but based on the title I now want to read it…a lot. Wild Beth, will you tell us what you thought?

A colleague (love using that word) recommended Snow by Tracy Lynn and I really liked it … some might point out it’s no Pulitzer Prize contender but who really cares about that anyway…I want a good story! Something enchanting and that’s what Snow is…well it is an extended fairy tale so it should be enchanting. I found the whole story intriguing and read it in one lazy Saturday (Probably another reason why I associate this book with good times!). Snow is not your Disney Snow White …clueless and naive … her mistake is in being human and in wanting desperately to be loved and cared for by her stepmother…who herself is not wicked just because… there is a story there, a past, an ambition that makes her the deranged woman she is. And there are no adorable sneezing dwarves…instead Snow is taken in by a band of mutant thieves, and both sides have to earn each other’s trust and respect. No handsome prince awakens Snow from her peaceful slumber but there is a happy ending!


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