Alli…where do you find all this time to read!? And maintain that active social life we all know you have?

I just finished An American plague : the true and terrifying story of the yellow fever epidemic of 1793 by Jim Murphy. I had heard it was great but then it won the Boston Globe/Horn Book Award for non-fiction and since I plan on going to the ceremony I thought I should read it. It is definitely a fascinating story… I learned a lot and got grossed out at the same time…a winning combination! It’s amazing what doctors did in “those” days… makes you wonder if we’ll ever look back on this time in medical history and say “what were they thinking?” I was also interested in learning about the heroic roles of black people during the fever and how badly they were treated afterwards. It’s not only a history of yellow fever but also of Philadelphia, the early stages of our government, and society. Sadly, the ending is so grim…I have to say I used to think I would expire of cancer, as many people seem to do…now I am convinced I will fall victim to yellow fever or some other insect-carried disease…thanks a lot Jim Murphy!

These days I am listening to Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them by one of my all-time favorite audio book authors, Al Franken. This book has me laughing and crying in the same commute…but it also makes me angry. I am already a liberal so it doesn’t affect my political views much… there are no “a-ha” moments of self discovery (well, so far) but I am just appalled at how much our not-so-liberal media gets away with. It’s sickening at times. You really must listen/read this book. It is a very important book. IF I had conservative friends I would make them read/listen to it…before I even made them read Candyfreak! I am just hoping for some bit of hopefulness when I get to the end (unlike An American Plague which just scared my pants off) … I want to know that something is being done about this or that someone else besides me and Al are aware of the problem … that the media LIES… a lot!


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