Beatrice Doesn’t Want To; Bucking the Sarge


I love Lynn Munsinger’s illustrations, and her new picture book, written by Laura Numeroff, Beatrice Doesn’t Want To is a great library story. Find it and read it and share it with kids!

I also just finished reading Christopher Paul Curtis’s Bucking the Sarge. Now, don’t go recommending this to your 4th and 5th graders who loved his other two books because it is definitely a teen novel with talk of condoms and masturbation. However, I’m sure that the fourth grade boys will love the “taking a dump” jokes. I loved it. Curtis’s fly characters and their dope lingo just sucked me right in. What would you do if you were Luther, whose Mom, the Sarge, owns half of Flint, Michigan, but does her business on the down and dirty side? That’s right, she’s not the most honest woman around but she doesn’t care cuz she’s got loads of money in the bank and plans to get more. Luther does not approve of his mother’s dishonest ways, but ultimately uses them to escape her.

~posted by Alli


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