Searching for Oliver K. Woodman by Darcy Pattison


I just picked up “Searching for Oliver K. Woodman” by Darcy Pattison. In this follow-up to “The Journey of Oliver K. Woodman,” Tameka and her Uncle Ray’s attempt to recreate Oliver’s original journal across the country has gone awry. The life-sized wooden man (a gift from Ray to his niece) has not been heard from and Tameka enlists the help of a reporter, Paige Hall and her uncle to help track down her friend. Enter Imogene Poplar, Private Eye. Paige and Ray set her out to follow Oliver’s trail but, since she’s also made of wood she needs a little help in her pursuit. Letters and postcards between Tameka, Paige and the good Samaritans who pick up Imogene along their way tell the tale of Ms. Imogene’s investigation and the vibrant illustrations are peppered with small details (read the license plates).

~posted by Theresa


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