Recent Reads: Picture Books


How cool that Kelly DiPucchio checked out your review! I love Bed Hogs , it’s been such a hit at storytime. Also, I have flagged Liberty’s Journey as a title to booktalk at the elementary schools in May. How cool!

I fell in love with some new picture books…

Ish by Peter Reynolds
Were you ever told that you weren’t good at something and then never wanted to do it again? Well, that’s what happens to Ramon when his brother can’t decipher one of his drawings. Thanks to his sister, Ramon finds his way back to drawing.

Little Owl by Piers Harper
You can’t go wrong with this sweet and fuzzy touch & feel book!

Old Coyote by Nancy Wood
This is a more serious story about an old coyote who is near the end of his life. He reflects on his life, his howling, his friends, his mate, his children and grandchildren, and his den. He asks Sister Moon to guide him on his journey to a new world. The illustrations are gentle and rough at the same time. It’s a beautiful book!

Cactus Soup by Eric A. Kimmel
This is a retelling of the old Stone Soup tale. Instead of a stone, a cactus needle is used to start the soup. Then they add chiles and tomatoes and beans and garlic and salt and Mmmmmm…it’s lunchtime–see you!

~posted by Alli


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