Recent Reads


Recent reads that I liked:

Rock Star Superstar by Blake Nelson
For those interested in music, being in a band and the recording industry, this is a great read. For those who like great teen novels, this is a great read. Pete’s life is all about music, and high school, and music, and his girlfriend Margaret, and music, and his Dad, and music. Get the picture?

The Books of Fell by M.E. Kerr
Due to a mysterious accident, John Fell ends up at a prestigious boarding school on the East Coast. Due to a word with a certain amount of letters, he ends up in a club at this school. Due to more strange coincidences, John Fell ends up like his private investigator Dad, trying to solve a mystery.

Touching Spirit Bear by Ben Mikaelsen
Cole is an angry, smug and defiant bully. When he beats up a classmate to the point of brain damage, Cole finds himself awaiting a jail sentence. Instead, Garvey, a Tlingit Indian parole officer comes into his life and recommends another way called Circle Justice. The victim, the offender and other community members come together to decide on the most healing solution for everyone. Cole’s fate is in their hands and even though he doesn’t really care about Circle Justice, he realizes that it might be a way to stay out of jail. So, they banish him to a remote Alaskan Island for a year where he is attacked by a mysterious and legendary white bear. Does he survive? Read it and see!

~posted by Alli


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