The Fat Girl’s Guide to Life by Wendy Shanker


Shanker, Wendy. The Fat Girl’s Guide to Life. Bloomsbury, USA. ISBN 1582345538 288 pp. $14.95


This is a very empowering book … and not just for Fat girls.  And that’s no typo, it’s fat with a capital F.  I like this book for many reasons, one being that Wendy does not give you the hippy-dippy “love yourself no matter what” schpiel (sp?).  She’s honest about how even she wishes she had slimmer thighs but she’s also very honest about the truths of the weight loss industry (they can’t make money if people actually lose weight, they need repeat customers) and society’s crazy demands and expectations of women & their bodies.  In a way we all know this stuff but I found her humor and conversational writing style to give me comfort.  I also found it empowering even though it’s also kind of frustrating and depressing.  Learning that many products contain way more fat & calories than advertised is depressing and frustrating but also somewhat of a relief… kind of like on Sex & the City when Miranda is empowered by the idea of “He’s just not that in to you” (Now a major motion book in its own right).

Wendy also gives some good advice, especially on fashion towards the end of the book.

While this book is written and marketed for female adults I hope that teens will read this and men as well.  I also recommended it to many a “skinny” girl but since every woman I know think’s she’s got something wrong with her (which the book addresses) many people of all shapes and sizes will appreciate this book.  I plan to buy a copy for myself to keep around the house.  It’s now available in paperback!  Check out the author’s page at I love the artwork too!

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