Katy Cat and Beaky Boo by Lucy Cousins


Katy Cat and Beaky Boo

Candlewick Press, 2012 (reissue). ISBN 978-0763661236 $9.99 ****

This brightly colored lift-the-flap concept book is quite charming. In each two-page spread, Katy Cat makes a statement about herself (I am orange, I am striped, etc) and the accompanying page has a number of related characteristics. The goal is for the reader to find which concept applies to her friend Beaky Boo, a snazzily dressed puffin, by lifting 4-5 flaps hiding potential answers.

Concepts such as parts of the body, items of clothing, color, pattern, animal sounds, and counting are covered. Several animals make repeat appearances. The color palette is traditional Cousins: a maroony red, a midnight blue, a golden yellow, and the style

This reissue is well constructed. Although it’s a paperback, even the flaps are sturdy paper. The flaps are not uniform in size, sometimes giving a hint as to what is underneath, and making the guessing game aspect even more fun for ages 2-5. Best for one-on-one use, rather than library collections.


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